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 I Could Never Say... 
You landed on your head.
Listen at the window.
Watching through the cracks in the ceiling.
You can't just take it back.
Distinct in your own way.
I carve your name out every time I can.
I can't let go of it.
I can't let go of anything.
Oh, somebody else already used the words before I had the chance to.
Though I've imagined this a thousand ways,
Oh, I could never say the things I need to when I need to.
Oh, I could never say the things I need to when I need to.
I'm trailing off again.
Drifting back around but I just can't win.
I tell myself again...
You’re distinct in the way you break my will, and yet...
I can't let go of it.
I can't let go of anything.
Oh, somebody else already used the words before I had the chance to.
Though I've imagined this a thousand ways,
Oh, I could never say the things I need to when I need to.
 Oh, I could never say the things I need to when I need to.
Against the Grain
All of those days went by so fast.
Falling against the wheel, against my will.
So, I start a new pattern for all the mistakes that I make.
Call it a Space
For everything you can’t fake.
I’m starting to question how to think.
Falling against the wheels again.
You disappear against the grey…
…Against the grain,
And you mean everything.
And you mean everything.
All of those days went by so fast.
Call it effacement
Now, I know that I won’t see your face again,
It’s hard to take.
Falling against the wheels again.
You disappear against the grey…
…Against the grain,
And you mean everything.
And you mean everything.
And you mean everything.
...Waste of time.
Another mime...
...Tiptoed on both feet.
You seem disturbed.
Not a word
Has passed your lips in weeks now.
I know how...
...All this time you've been now.
Filtered out.
Some days I see double.
By daylight
I feel awkward.
Somedays I...
It needs to be
How it seems.
(You) slip behind your screen
And fade away.
...Just a day
Like any other.
...See how it twinkles out?
Catch me on the way down.
Steal my cloud.
(You're) simply living over.
It seems like I'm not worth it...
Only other...
Weightless... Drifting on by...
(I) only feel it feels uncertain.
Take this...
End this circus.
All these sudden incarnations
Scraping colour off my empty thread.
...My only fate.
My wasted levitation.
Let The Juice Flow

Never sensed you were a liar 'til you flipped the switch.
Never set yourself on fire 'til you let yourself go.
Let the feelings show.
Now you let yourself rely on the social shift
You never look me in the eye.
Could you let the juice flow?
Just wish you'd let me know...
Now I'm falling through the window
As it comes crashing through the walls.
Every breath I should have taken...
You ruined everything.
I'm sure...
'Cause you forgot the score.
Now I'm running out of questions,
'Cause you've been running out of thought.
Every day you take a picture.
You feign the illusion of fit.
You are a nasty bore.
The Echoes That Are Lost
How time displaced the echoes that you trace.
The memories erased.
So, everything's replaced.
Though my arms are bound, I wouldn't bring you down.
I couldn't bring you down.
I think about it now.
Oh, it's on again, off again.
Feels much better when you're better off dead.
I've got a hundred reasons why I just can't wait to get off...
The echoes that are lost...
Oh, we fall away, I think I'm going to break.
I know I'm going to break.
I'm slipping through this haze.
Though you're miles away, it's never going to change.
I think of you each day.
I think of you all day.
Inside your own dimension...
No reflection, no connecting the dots.
You're drifting out in circles for the last time.
One of these days I'll explain.
The light disintergrates.
...A colourless sky.
Now, your mind distorts from left to right.
On the surface a disguise
Erased a mile of sky,
And every time you ignite
You cause a landslide.
So, colour me awkward,
Colour me fine.
Colour me amazed and colour me shy.
All that I bled on,
The harder I try.
We're getting less familiar all of the time.
One of these days we'll escape,
And float right back into the leaps and spirals
That defined us.
...Effaced our place in time.
Everything's broken.
Everything's fine.
As sun fades up, I'm going down,
And either way you're nowhere now.
As Sunday rusts, I'm folding instead
Of thinking back to what you said.
So, I paint the rain in every colour.
Split the sky, see if you notice.
There is nothing more or less.
A spring clean spill...
Bottle blues...
Guess I'll aim low, think of you.
I may seem here.
I'm not too sure you're there.
So, I wish away the greater part of another day.
You're two thirds under.
Made The Headlines
It's getting harder to stand
Your airs and graces.
Dissolving face just swims past.
It's getting harder to see.
The road in front of me seems
To drag me too deep...
Dragging me in so deep...
I'm trying hard not to stare.
I get these feelings,
And yet these feelings creep back.
It's getting harder to breathe.
To breathe the air you're breathing.
You suck the life back.
Everything seems better through extremes.
Everything that matters, folds in threes,
(And) what is good enough for millions,
(It) never seemed enough to my mind.
We made the headlines.
When we made the headlines...
Our thoughts colliding...
Now we're facing off and you don't mind.
 But there's a piece of me in everything you'll find.
Starting to think...
Started to think about the places you've been.
Starting to be...
Started to be a drag,
I'm leaving now and you don't mind.
Everything in your own time...
Now my faith is shot and you don't mind.
'Cause there's a place where you think everything is fine.
Fall In Line
The way you lie.
The things you hide.
You lose your breath,
And you fall in step,
'Cause it always turns out this way.
Colours fade around the face you hide.
That you always hide.
You got around to leaving.
You got around to breathing.
You're not beyond assuming,
And now you look right through me.
I know just what you're thinking,
Although, your lips aren't moving.
Your tell-tale heart still reflects.
...And fall in step.
...And so, the further you stray.
These new designs are evolving.
As all the thoughts we take in,
Dissolve in time,
Like we did.
Float by the house where you live.
You fall in step, 'til you pick up a new scent.
We fall in step.
We walk among the dead.
So I fall in line, every time.
You decide; I comply.
We slowly die, and so we try.
For all intents
It all makes sense.
Sown In
This weighs up.
I don't have much time,
And it just won't steer.
The silhouette girl's sown in.
Deflected nowhere you knew.
A phase that passes slowly,
And by the by
Distracted by her disarray...
Another town,
A road in,
A road tied to whispering.
All day, all's calm, always.
Where she wakes up is where she'll lay.
Reflecting up...
Reflecting into outer space...
It's like there's something I can't follow here.
It's like there's something in the water here.
Above a cloud, she floats in.
Floats by...
Shift through gears.
Stalled by...
Still calm, unclear...
I rest my case, now disappear.
Just like before, you were planted by your fall from grace.
Is it something in the weight I feel?
You live just a mile away.
Different Kind Of Same
Something new, springs to mind.
Cigarette burns...
The softest thread...
Heather breathes, wrapped in rings round me.
Forever there, as thoughts dissolve in lines.
It's sobering...
Nothing works.
You're there for the last time.
Spins around, phased out,
And sorrow follows.
Heat dissolves in buttercup swell.
No more haunted sleep.
You're better off than me.
How time decides whether we fall too deep.
Phased out...
I know that face.
Are you okay?
As colour fades, like distance bends...
The light escapes, behind the shape of things you chase.
Today you look the other way.
A thought misplaced.
The pieces form, then dislocate.
You think about the things you can't explain.
Start a riot to communicate.
For a while get your head on striaght.
Left to thinking, 'til you can't see striaght...
Faith diminishing, you fall awake.
...And do they notice?
...Any difference in the way?
Another distant look comes back your way.
...And so, today
The pieces form, then dislocate,
And leave you trapped inside your head again.
Drag yourself about a mile away.
Start a riot, because you can't see straight.
Left to thinking, 'til you suffocate...
Faith diminishing you fall awake.
 The Whisperers
They said you gave it up.
They said you wandered off...
Now you're catching up,
You see things as they are.
Now they're closing in,
You see the state you're in.
Now, the whisperers come crashing down to earth.
Now they're close enough to blend in.
They said you gave it up.
They say you're heading off.


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